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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Far Infrared Ray (FIR) or Heat Therapy.

Far Infrared.
Also known as Far Infrared Ray (FIR) or Heat Therapy.
History, Benefits and Cancer.
Far Infrared is the 'chi' energy in humans and animals, also emitted from sunlight. The intensity of Far Infrared produced by the human body constantly fluctuates. When its intensity is high, we feel healthy and are able to overcome ailments. When the Far Infrared (FIR) begins to decline, we are subject to disease and illness and tend to age more quickly. We can be exposed to Far Infrared heat for hours and it will never cause our skin to burn. Far Infrared heat is completely healthy and safe for all living things.

Far Infrared heat therapy is know to prevent, combat and kill cancerous cells.

Far Infrared Hothouse Dome and Sun Ancon Chi Machine used in combination therapy.

bullet.gifWhat is Far Infrared therapy (FIR) and what does it do:

Far Infrared Ray are waves of energy, totally invisible to the naked eye, capable of penetrating deep into the human body, where they gently elevate the body's surface temperature and activate major bodily functions.


1) Far Infrared expands capillaries which stimulates increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation.

2) Far Infrared is excellent for detox. Scientists in Japan report that in the FIR treatment of clogged capillary vessels, heat expands the capillaries and then initiates the start of a process to dissolve hidden toxins. Far Infrared thereby promotes elimination of fats, chemicals and toxins from the blood: Poisons, carcinogenic heavy metals - toxic substances from food processing - lactic acid, free fatty acids, and subcutaneous fat associated with aging and fatigue - excess sodium associated with hypertension - and uric acid which causes pain. Furthermore, if sebaceous glands are activated, accumulated cosmetics in pores can be eliminated through the skin (sweat and oil glands) rather than by the kidneys.

3) Far Infrared stimulates enzyme activity and metabolism - One hour under the Hotouse improves metabolism. FIR heat aids in breaking down cellulite - trapped water, fat and waste.

4) Far Infrared may induce the killing of varied pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

5) Far Infrared promotes rebuilding of injured tissue by having a positive effect on the fibroblasts (connective tissue cells necessary for the repair of injury). Furthermore, it increases growth of cells, DNA syntheses, and protein synthesis all necessary during tissue repair and regeneration. Excellent for healing burns, scar tissue and skin problems.

6) Far Infrared relieves nervous tension and relax autoneuro muscles thereby helping the body make the most of its intended healing abilities. FIR reduces soreness on nerve endings and muscle spasms, as muscle fibers are heated.

7) Far Infrared strengthens the Immune System by stimulating increased production of white blood cells (leukocytes) by the bone marrow and killer T-cells by the thymus.

8) Far Infrared strengthens the Cardiovascular System by causing heart rate and cardiac output increase, and diastolic blood pressure decrease - Extensive research by NASA in the early 1980's led to the conclusion that far infrared stimulation of cardiovascular function would be the ideal way to maintain cardiovascular conditioning in American astronauts during long space flight.

The Japanese and Far Infrared Products:
During the last decade or so, the Japanese have extensively researched Far Infrared Technology for use in the fields of healing, preservation, cooking, drying and heating. Well over 150 significant patents were granted between 1977-1987.

List of Far Infrared products available in today:
FIR sleeping pads and heaters - Instant warmth even though air temperature remains cool - Infrared sauna.
FIR plastic plate to keep fish and vegetables fresher and longer in your refrigerator.
FIR ovens replacing harmful microwaves - Cooks more uniformly than conventional.
FIR ceramic paper and ceramics.
FIR fabrics - socks, gloves, jackets, car seats - Wool and cotton impregnated with ceramic insulating powder.
FIR fabric keeps body warm in a cold environment whilst providing passive FIR health benefits.
FIR hair dryer - Cooler and faster, reduces damaged hair.
FIR clinical treatments - FIR panels for incubators in maternity wards.


bullet.gifFar Infrared Therapy and Cancer Treatment:
In the US the mainstream thinking on cancer treatment has undergone great changes. Surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy are considered detrimental to health and invasive treatments. Thermal therapy and immuo-therapy are non-invasive.

1) Cancerous cells cannot exist if blood circulation is smooth and continuous.
A cancerous cell has to stop moving to proliferate.

The cancerous cell's positioning, or settling down, is directly related to the capillaries, which are at the end of the blood vessels. The cancer cell tries to position itself by going through the capillary. If it goes through, there could be no settling down or positioning of the cancer cell - which is what happens if there is good blood circulation. If the cancer cell fails to pass through the capillary because of some functional disorder in the circulation, the cell could easily position itself. Good blood circulation of the capillaries - without functional disorder - leaves no way for the cancerous cell to settle down and position itself. The cell will then be killed by the immunocyte (the immunity cell).

The Klinik St. George Hospital - in Bad Aibling, Germany, has treated 2500 German and 2500 foreign patients each year. Their cancer treatment regime is a week of detoxification and strengthening the immune system with diet and nutritional supplements, followed by 2 weeks of localized Infrared hypothermia treatment and low dose chemotherapy. This regime has produced great success in treating cancers.

2) The cancerous cell has a weakness, heat.
It will die if the temperature goes above 42C/107.6 F.

a) Far Infrared treatment raises body temperature to 42 degrees C.
b) Far Infrared heat penetrates through the body and kills existing cancerous cells.
c) Far Infrared heat enables capillaries to expand, thus enabling good circulation and combating the potential existence of cancer cells.
d) Far Infrared thermal therapy can alleviate pain and prolong life when conventional cancer treatment fails.

bullet.gifFar Infrared Therapy for Stomach Cancer and Obesity:
"A former wrestler who weighed in over 220 pounds with a large pot belly came to my clinic. He had a fist sized bulge in the middle of his belly from stomach cancer. Moreover, since he was over 70 years old, he was told that they could not operate on him. He came to my clinic after he was told that he had only 3 more months to live. Because of his obesity, we considered weight reduction. While watching a balanced diet, he underwent far infrared sauna treatment, losing 45 lbs in 2 months. Furthermore, through the heat treatment effect of the far far infrared sauna, the tumor got smaller in 2 months, and his stomach pains were reduced within a few days. Since his body strength was not down at this point, we gave him cancer suppressing pills and continued the daily heat therapy by far infrared waves. His stiff and hard belly walls gradually became soft and his appetite increased. With improved results, the cancer suppressing pills were stopped, fearing any side effects. As a result of continued treatment in the clinic for one year, he was well enough to be discharged." - Dr. Toshio Yamazaki, Japan.

bullet.gifFar Infrared Therapy for Prostate Cancer:
"In May of 2001 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was told that my PSA blood count was a bit over 1800. This is an extremely high count. My wife called her son, Ken, and he came out right away and brought the far infrared HotHouse with him. He had told us about the success others had achieved with lowering their counts while using the HotHouse, and I was willing to try anything, as I did not want to undergo radiation or chemotherapy.

I started using the HotHouse immediately and ordered one for myself that night. After biopsies, bone scans and ultrasounds, I was told at the end of May, that my PSA blood count was at 1885, and that the cancer had spread to my bones (back, pelvis, legs, head, etc.).

On June 1st we went to the Cancer Clinic and got the pills to begin the hormone therapy to inhibit the growth of cancer. On June 12th I was taken to the hospital by ambulance after suffering a mild heart attack (unrelated to the cancer). Before leaving the hospital, the doctor injected my first hormone therapy shot. The whole time I had been using the FIR HotHouse everyday as long as possible. Some nights I would stay under it all night, waking up only to turn it back on again. During the day I would use it whenever I had the chance.

On July 19th, I went back to the doctor to have my PSA count done again to monitor the cancer. My count had dropped from 1885 to 30!!! This happened in only 12 weeks, one week of which I was in hospital and unable to use the HotHouse. As 30 is still a very high PSA count I will continue to use the HotHouse with total confidence that I will be able to bring my cancer to 0. Thanks to my stepson Ken and HTE for such a great machine!".- Merl Bowers Picture Butte, Alberta, Canada.

(source from

This is the summary from what i have read :

  • Weight Loss: Burns 900 – 2400 calories in just one 30 min. session
  • Release of accumulated toxins such as pesticides, PCBs, drug residues, acidic wastes and non-essential trace metals
  • Improvement in symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis
  • Improves skin tone and elasticity, softens scars / Essential for beautiful, youthful, glowing skin
  • Increased oxygenation of the tissues and cells
  • Greatly speeds any anti-cellulite program
  • Increased circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery within the body
  • Improvement in immune function
  • Improved cardiovascular function
  • Improved pulmonary function
  • Alleviation of pain and improved joint mobility / helps with sprains, strains, muscle spasm
  • Improved psoriatic conditions
  • Relief of symptoms of asthma and chronic bronchitis
  • More recently, it has been used in cancer therapy and shows great promise
  • It assists in resolution of inflammatory infiltrates, edema and exudates
  • Sunburn – Infrared radiations are the only antidote to excessive ultraviolet radiation
  • Relaxation and enjoyment – remove stress in comfortable warm temperature)

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