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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Lactolite and Premium Beautiful Corset are Bestfriends forever!!!!

Yes....pair them together, and you'll see amazing results towards your body!

tAK CAYA??? MMMMMMM jom tgk testimoni CDM Kak Ana(mesti u ols dh kenalkan, model PB and Lactolite and testimonial terpower so far)boleh hilang 50 kg in 6 months…50 kg wo!!…

susah nak baca...oklah nie dia...
Lactolite is a yogurt drink in the form of powder with inulin.
Inulin contains probiotic,the good bacteria and live culture and prebiotic,the food for good bacteria.It is to ensure the long lasting of good bacteria in our digestion system.

PROBIOTIC are the “good bacteria” in the intestine that help to digest food and keep the “bad bacteria” away.

Some of the benefits of consuming Lactolite are :

Increases metabolism level
Reduce body weight
Improves digestive system
PreventS constipation
Will not effect hormone and appetite

Lactolite reduces body weight by :

Eliminating accumulated excrement that block the absorption of nutrient and to create clean intestines.Clean intestines allows good bacteria to live in our digestive system to allow a non bloating intestine and a flatter tummy!


Lactolite increases the quantity of good bacteria and helps us to digest food intake regularly.


Premium Beautiful Corset helps to refirm sagging skin after weight reduction, increases fat burning and reshapes the body.

So, it's really important for us to use it together as non of us would want sagging tummy and skin after weight loss eh?

Me being kind enough, I've decided to post up a few pics of ways to mix and drink your Lactolite.

A box of Lactolite comes with 25 sachets and to be consumed 1 sachet daily.
Box recommends us to consume at night before sleep....
This is because Lactolite makes you go thirsty and you'll need to drink plenty of water for detoxing.

RUPANYA serbuk

Mix it with 200ml of room temperature water or mix it in any of your favorite drink ** paling baik dgn yogurt drink BLISS, dgn milo pun x pe EXCEPT HOT DRINKS!
I mix it with just plain water.
You'll then see clumps of powder and it'll start to turn yellow
Stir it until the powder is diluted and you'll get a milky,yogurty yellow drink which is ready to be consumed.

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